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This website is our placeholder for all photos and infos that we found would be useful in the future.. That's when we've got our own place in Canberra...


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Senin, 01 Oktober 2007

Selasa, 06 Maret 2007


Macem-macem tampilan rumah...
Ada yang single-storey.. Ada yang double-storey..
Ada juga bahkan yang triple-storey...

Aku personally lebih suka yang single-storey..
Karna buat maintenance lebih gampang... Trus kalow rumah bertingkat tuh gag enaknya suka merasa sepi ajah..
Misalnya suami dan anak-anak lagi di bawah, kita di atas, brasa sendirian...

Plus lagi, kalow single-storey, gag capek naek turunnya... :D
Terlebih kalow ada orang tua yang nginep di rumah kita... Buat mereka juga capek kan naek turun muluw...

Senin, 05 Maret 2007


Not too huge yet not too small...
Just big enough to spend 10 minutes cleaning up myself or playing with the kids (or even my hubby.. woehehe)... :D

Kamis, 09 November 2006

Charlotte Barton

Rencananya, semua dokumentasi mengenai Charlotte Barton project bakalan ditaroh di sini... Sooo... Stei tyuuuunn... :)


12 DECEMBER 2007

Went to KW Jacobs (yes, again!!) at queanbeyan, to change my colour pref for the roof...
You know, last friday I went for the "ebony" but had a deep thought and some chats with hubby and also some friends, made me realise that ebony is prolly a bit too dark therefore it would absorb the heat.. Can't imagine what it would be like in summer... Canberra summer gitulooh...

Even though they would install roof insulation but am not sure if that's gonna reduce the heat...

Why ebony?
Simply cos I would pick black for the fascia, gutters and also window frames...
So ebony would go very nicely with the wall colours and definitely will match the rest of the house colours..

Sooo.. Cos this is a one-time thing to decide, I was thinking to have the roof in the same colour as the exterior wall... Which is "Army Issue" by Dulux...

Good thing KW Jacobs actually had the terracotta roof exactly the same shade as Army Issue... Hehehe.. It's just my lucky day :D

The roof sorted... Then brisked off to Bob Walker Carpet and Floor at Walder St Belconnen... Spending about 20 mins or so, browsing about the carpet selections and also the timber flooring.. Here are what I chose at the end:

Carpet: Touche 1780 Belgian Chocolate
Timber Flooring: Loggia LS Jarrah in dark brown tone

They officially started the construction as of today... :)
Might check it out on Friday with D&D on the way to Mitchell... Dumdidum diduuuum... :)



Here's the Lemezina Suppliers List:

Mint Kitchens
Unit 4 /80 Hoskins Street MITCHELL 6255 4171
Ask for Ulissa
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm sat 8am-12pm or call for appointment

Roof Tiles:
K W Jacobs
17 Wycombe St QBN 6299 3907

Austral Bricks
Lithgow Street FYSHWICK 13 27 42
8am-5pm mon & fri, 9am – 12:30pm

Trend Windows
74 Sheppard Street HUME 6260 1266

Fascia & Gutters:
Canberra Metal Fascia 6242 2211
64 – 78 Vicars
Mitchell ACT

Garage Doors:
Simple & Easy Garage Doors (call Milenko)
Mobile Service call for appointment 0413 088 030

Bob Walker Carpets
24 Walder Circuit BELCONNEN 6251 1266

Vertical Blinds:
Murray Ball ‘The Blind Shop’
Mobile Service 0409 981 011
He will meet you at the house with the colour samples, call to book app.

Lez Novak Curtains 6257 3717

Front Door, Internal doors, Skirting:
FAW Building Suppliers

Toilets, Taps, Wall oven, Cooktop Range Hood:
1/84 Hoskins Street MITCHELL

Tradelink Showroom is at Fyshwick only.
66 Barrier St FYSHWICK 6280 6888

Vanity Units:
Reece Plumbing
13 - 15 Grimwade St MITCHELL 6242 9166

Ceramic Tiles:
ACT Tiles
Unit 66 /69 Lysaght Street MITCHELL 6241 0811

Shower Screens:
Unit 5/9 Tooth Street MITCHELL 6242 8544

Electrician: John Maric
Painter: Simon Pavlovic
Gas Fitter: Lee Guy

Architect: David at New Age Architecture
Builders: George Lemezina
Agents: Marianna Lemezina


Minggu, 03 September 2006


My fave layout would be:

Open plan kitchen with the kitchen island in the middle, huge window facing the backyard to watch the kids play... :D

Oh, and also gas stove is a must with an incorporated massive oven! :D
The last thing: plenty of storage buat nyimpen panci-panci gituloooh... :D